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...ow. [Sep. 4th, 2005|01:29 pm]
[me at the moment | |hurting]
[in my headphones | |kelly clarkson]

well i have a swollen lip, two loose teeth, and scrapes on my face, chin, shoulder, boob, knees, shin, feet, and toe. im completely deformed, i got into a fight with a ditch. but you should see the ditch.

on a good note, some mexicans at the side of the road whistled at me. i guess a bloody face doesn't faze them too much. and my favorite white shorts dont have a mark on them. i checked that before i realized that i looked like the crypt keeper.

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it's a big day coming. [Sep. 1st, 2005|10:41 am]
[me at the moment | |conniving]
[in my headphones | |built to spill]

last night, coach brown told me that i was the hardest-working swimmer there.

... what the fuck? what's happened to me? am i the girl who craig gave the goodbye letter to that read 'you have potential, but you were always a distraction and a slacker.'? this is why my arms have been threatening to fall off. i asked coach 'since im working so hard, doesnt that mean i should be getting faster?' and he started laughing. i guess not.

i bought a book called the art of seduction because deirdre and i found an excerpt from it in an allure magazine and we thought it might come in handy. apparently, im a dandy and deirdre's a natural. now i have to seduce someone to get invited to the party on friday night so i can go with christie and brit. im such a badass.

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you lost. try again. [Aug. 30th, 2005|12:48 pm]
[me at the moment | |self-consoling]
[in my headphones | |sunny day real estate]

i'm salvaging what little dignity i had left in this blog by continuing it. i've done the same for my xanga, but i got too bored with that, so now i've moved on to my second-string. i have the attention span of a 3 year old child.

anyway, this is going to get uncomfortable at some points because i left off about a month and a half before tim and i broke up. ummm yea. this is what i was talking about.

school is starting in less than 2 weeks. this summer (taking a deep breath while i gather my nostalgia) was exceptionally eventful. i grew up a little. actually no, that's more along the lines of wishful thinking, but i can always pretend, can't i?

the life lessons deanna learned this summer include:
- trust no one.
- when deep-throating a banana, please dont bite and consequently eat it.
- don't go near anyone holding a bucket of water.
- romance is not dead.
- common decency is, but i can work around that.
- don't ever eat 5 blueberry muffins in one sitting, for the love of god.
- nerds are indeed skanks. we have to unleash our sexual prowess at one time or another.
- if a girl has feminine prowess, she'd better use it to her advantage.

that's about it. i also learned that people can be immune to AIDs, a theory i'd like to personally experiment with. just kidding, how would i go about that anyway? 'hey, you've got AIDs? you do? great, let's fuck.' i would like to note that i'm not nearly crude enough to pull that off, so if you have AIDs, i'm not going to go around offering my innocence. sorry.


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how could i miscalculate perfect eyes with a perfect aim? [May. 21st, 2005|10:15 am]
[me at the moment | |energetic]
[in my headphones | |blondie - one way or another]

last night tim came over. we were fighting over the remote when my little sister comes into the room, whips out her remote, and changes the channel to beevis and butthead do america, which is what tim wanted to watch instead of the dead poets society. my sister and my boyfriend bonded in my time of need. lovely lovely lovely.

tonight im going out with miss jeysalin and di, both of whom i havent seen in about 37856837 years. we're going to rip apart the mall, cause i havent spent money in 8 days and i have to exchange my hemp-converses-which-i-wore-only-once since theyre too big. also, i just ordered $236.10 worth of clothes online and now have to find a way to brainwash my mom into paying for it. i need a job.

deanna: sucking the marrow out of life.

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classy as French Connection United Kingdom. [May. 20th, 2005|04:55 pm]
[me at the moment | |crazy]
[in my headphones | |brand new - no seatbelt song]

im getting a hemp belt from joe for my sweet sixteen cause hes the coolest cat in the world! tim's coming over tonight, so that sort of stuff makes me happy. also, taylor androse and i are going to the art institute again this summer as we are just that amazing. seriously.

deanna: salad shaker.

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youre embarassing me, youre embarassing yourself. [May. 18th, 2005|02:09 pm]
[me at the moment | |rejected]
[in my headphones | |yo la tengo - double dare]

i received my first ever love letter. it consisted of 'my name is deanna, i am a kitten', accompanied by a lovely stick figure of deanna-human turning into an even lovelier stick figure deanna-kitten. and i love love love love it. why would i bother with hallmark when i have my own dear tim?

i was supposed to see mr. celuch after class, because he said something and i replied with an 'oh, shutup.' instead of doing it the easy way, i ran out of the classroom as fast as possible and have yet to face his wrath. as if points off my grade is what i need; im almost failing spanish already. ive decided that i hate anything intellect/family-related. in case im threatened to be kicked out again, i have sarah lined up to take me in. i cant fucking wait for college.

deanna: a hopeless shortage.

ps. i need new friends. applications with be accepted starting today.

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oh god, goddamnit, i think ive lost you. [May. 17th, 2005|03:45 pm]
[me at the moment | |cynical]
[in my headphones | |hellogoodbye - shimmy shimmy quarter turn]

i wrote an ode to my eraser during trig today. i felt i could empathize with it, as it was sitting on the desk like a lump, indifferent to life, sort of like myself. then i was called on to answer what 15% of 120000 was and my eraser fell on the floor. my days have been reduced to counting backwards until i go back to siena. yes, im counting down the days until physics.

ive decided to get that gastrointestinal surgery, the one where they cut you open and make your stomach smaller so you dont have as much of an appetite. it would appreciably reduce my risks of heart disease, heart attacks, colon cancer, ringworm, obesity, and syphilus [because if im obese, the chances of me getting an STD are very very low]. today i walked into the cafeteria and had the urge to inhale every single french fry. but i resisted, as i had just had three sugar cookies. and now i want a rice krispie treat. goodbye, dear arteries.

deanna: sincerely me

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i am a rock, i am an island. [May. 14th, 2005|06:50 pm]
[me at the moment | |contemplative]
[in my headphones | |mae - sun [acoustic]]

i decided to go to a track meet today for six hours. more specifically, i went sightseeing for countless people dragging themselves on the track in impossibly short shorts [male and female both] for five hours, fifty-eight minutes and thirty-nine seconds. the rest of the time i just ran.

i also walked to mcdonalds and scoffed at the fries, getting only a bottled water and some chicken mcnuggets. i was so gosh-darn proud of myself. until i came home and my mother corrupted me with fifty-odd pieces of fried eggplant. and then a rice krispies treat. i wish calories didnt exist.

mrs. foerhnbach is on intellectual speed. not that she's smart or anything remotely close, she just cant finish teaching one topic but jumps around. sort of like '10 + 10 = 2...". and then she makes hacking sounds like she's coughing up a furball, like a cat. a really old, wrinkly, furball-regurgitating cat. lourdes should be transformed into a psyche ward. mr. morzen says 'now kids, what do think of when you hear the flesh and blood of Christ?' and i comment 'cannibalism!' and receive the strangest look from him, as if the majority of the population doesnt connect flesh and blood with cannibalism. it's called the last supper, who is the bible trying to kid?

deanna:developing complications.

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